C. M. Leonard, founder of Leonard Lumber Company, stands atop air-dried hardwood at one of the company's first sawmills in Claryaille, N.Y. The mill produced cherry, birch and hard maple. Much of the maple went for bowling alley stock. (Photo: circa 1946)
Leonard Lumber Company was founded in 1943 at Liberty, New York by C. M. Leonard. Originally, the company operated a sawmill which produced hard maple, cherry and birch. One of its early customers was Brunswick-Balke, which purchased hard white maple bowling alley stock for its Chicago, Illinois plant.

During the following years, Leonard Lumber shipped hardwoods within New York and to the New England states.

In 1965 a distribution yard was opened in Wallingford, Connecticut, where Leonard Lumber stocked red oak and a variety of Appalachian hardwoods, northern hard maple and birch, imported mahoganies and teak.

The company also became a major distributor of western pines, especially sugar pine along with ponderosa, eastern and southern species.

In July, 1988 the company moved its distribution yard to a 14-acre site in Durham, Connecticut. The new facility includes a separate office, warehouse and planing mill.

Using machinery incorporating the latest technology, its milling has won high praise from the industry. Lumber can now be machined to customer specifications whether it be two sides, four sides, tongue and groove or straight-line ripped.

Leonard Lumber maintains an extensive inventory of high quality kiln-dried hardwoods and pine in various thicknesses up to 4 inches at Durham.

Shipments are made by company-owned trucks from these locations or direct from sawmills to customers throughout the Northeast.

Over the years Leonard Lumber has become a one-source-supplier for many companies' hardwood and softwood needs. Specified orders requiring selection for special widths and lengths are part of the service customers have come to expect.

Because the company has built up a reputation for quality, it is able to buy from many of the best sawmills in the United States.

Service has also been important, and Leonard Lumber assists its customers with information on current market conditions and industry trends along with display materials to help with sales. The company was a pioneer in the introduction of dressed-four-sides lumber for retail yards.

And now with its new yard and mill, Leonard Lumber Company is better able to provide customers with hardwoods, softwoods, and special milling.

Warehouse: Durham, CT

Regions Served: CT, MA, RI, NY, NJ, VT, Long Island

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